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When you setup shop, or build an empire, perhaps the sovereignty of your digital foundations, their asset value or lack thereof, may have come to mind. We give you the extra foothold to build purpose in peace, and keep your prosperity sustainable. If you’ve wondered how to achieve your own Cyber Resiliency, browse, get inspired, question and decide for yourself. Understand our focus, understand we do one thing, and we do it well.

Come rain or shine, your Private cloud stays accessible, even in the event of a natural disaster, act of war, or act of terror… Our technology is the first of its kind to harness the power of 3 synchronous uplink technologies, fiber Optics, Wireless Radio, and geostationary satellites, to make sure you always have the minimum signal required to keep performing and staying in touch, in any event.

In IT terms, this single management platform can provision any number of distributed routers, configure complex topologies in subnets, floating IPs, roaming capabilities across sites and technologies, and with full access to protocols such as BGP, OSPF, IPSec, PPPoE, and more.

Their unique characteristic: we don’t know their location

Onsite to cloud? Cloud to Onsite? Or perhaps some Cloud to Cloud? Whatever rocks your boat, imagine you could do that without a single line to change, and the same IP that tags along across infrastructures, lands and continents.

Did someone say laws and regulations could be shifty? Get yourself some compliance with inherited certifications, and strategic tech use. In doubt?

If on-premise users are the No 1 port of entry for hackers, imagine what the risk looks like when you ship them off with a corporate VPN? There is a solution.

Put a check mark on data breach. Our version of security means nonnegotiable resiliency, and that comes with ultra high speed backup technology. Migrate faster to a different continent than transferring your server to another rack, that is our promise.

Your OverLay IPs are so good, that you can migrate while keeping sessions up. SSH up = morale up!

Real geostationary satellite backup to access your most critical data, and circumvent acts of war, terror, or god? Sounds pretty VIP, and it is. Here is where you have the best uplink for your resiliency.

Pegasus and alike have well shown that unless you control the hardware and software end to end, you can’t be that secure contender you pretend to be. Here, you have the better picture.

Territorial cover with compliance and datacenters

Uninterrupted Business Operations

Enhanced Security and Data Protection

Simplified IT Management

Regulatory Compliance

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