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Security threats come in many shapes and forms, and that is why, we have a special category of DataCenters that we have labelled Ghost Data Centers. Their unique characteristic is that we do not know their location. They could be in a military bunker dug into the Swiss Alps, or somewhere submerged in water. Some might even be in the basements of your run of the mill house or office building. It isn’t only in movies where sensitive data meets extortion. We are unknown clients to our suppliers, and they are unknown suppliers to us. Here is how we make this work:

  • As all the technology is encrypted, be it in volatile or non-volatile memory, in transit or at rest, we made it logically possible to make 10s of datacenters work asone, and establish an indestructible high
  • throughput.
  • Over the Top network. It is like Blockchain, but for connectivity utility.
  • For as long as one survives, we exist.

We offer you the possibility to use your own IPs, in both versions, and can assign you our own as well. Our encrypted Over-the-Top network makes it possible to employ your IPs from multiple locations, making it the ideal choice to have off-site backups of your virtual machines and applications. Our live migration of networks, VMs and applications can be performed without even a second of downtime, where sessions stay up, and so does everybody’s morale!

You decide what to log and keep, and if you want, we can advise you on compliant retention policies, per country, territory or jurisdiction.

We strive to operate in as many adverse jurisdictions as possible, in many economic zones, and background diverse locations. If you wonder why, ask a smart legal professional, or ask us!

Let’s keep it simple, our philosophy is to protect the technology of
“you”, your data, and your business, by all legal means.

If setting up users with company VPN access gives you stomach cramps, we have the right prescription for you.

  • Our ultra segmented networking capabilities can handle VPN clients just as well as onsite users.
  • We provide 2-factor authentication, mutual trust certificate infrastructures, system integrity checks and 802.1X policy and access control
  • Firewalling is performed in both layer-2 and layer-3, with strict control specific to IP versions. For instance, IPv4 uses ARP flow control, MAC address based blocks, source and destination IP rules, as well as content based filtering for 802.1X authenticated users with TLS packet inspection.

Our platform gives you layered fallback solutions to stay unscathed during an outage, or an attack. As most security professional can attest, weaknesses in security are rarely exploited by hackers at the core infrastructure level. Rather, even the most sophisticated attacks, tend to be a downstream process starting at the user level. As there is never a Zero chance at getting hacked, our default and preferred position is to log a maximum amount of information, keep it safe, and auditable.
We do this to apply sophisticated forensic techniques to analyze millions to billions of datapoints and get insight on the root cause of an incident. There is hardly anything more frustrating to move on from a costly outage or hack, not knowing what happened and how it happened.

Our network topologies work seamlessly for multi-master nodes, live and hot backups, database synchronization and full disk replication.

  • During a live migration or failover, all networking sessions remain connected, and that comprises established NAT contracts.
  • A migration API provides bandwidth reservation capabilities up to 80gbps, as well as automatically optimized network acceleration features, including window sizing and layer-2 jumbo frames.
  • Migrate cross continent easier than migrating to a different rack, that is our promise!
  • 10% of our datacenters have 3 uplink technologies combining optical fiber connectivity, wireless radio, and satellite communication.
  • In addition, any connected node, whether you connect your branchoffice or a whole datacenter, can be an exit path for your entire infrastructure. This includes private MPLS, BGP peering sessions, and local ISP uplinks.
  • Companies may also arbitrarily elect local breakouts for any and all parts of their global network, be it for information safety, legal, or internal policy.

Our decades of experience in secure telecoms, combined with our own end-to-end control of the service hardware and software, enables us to provide specialized, ultra secure telecom offerings, comprising voice, video, and team collaboration.

  • We own and operate ClearerLink, a unique global operator active on all continents and in over 70 jurisdictions.
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